Assignment: Choose a local organization and design a poster in Adobe Illustrator to advertise one of their events. I chose the Mighty Texas Dog Walk, which benefits Service Dogs, Inc.


Target Audience

Inclusive of all gender identities, ages 28-70, middle to upper class, high school educated up through post graduate degrees.

Healthy, dog-owning adults with available time and extra income (middle to upper income levels); includes veterans and service families; informed and philanthropic.


Next, I gathered information about similar organizations and events in Austin. I looked at their approaches to design and created a mood board based on this information, along with other color schemes and imagery that I thought could be incorporated into the final design.


Based on my research on how past Mighty Texas Dog Walk events were advertised, I knew the poster should be playful. I chose bright colors and made some sketches of my ideas.

The Final Design

My final design incorporates a playful and bright color theme with a strong diagonal sense of movement. A bright pink cowboy boot serves as the perfect symbol of an Austin, Texas community dog walk.

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