Leadership Contributions

I started Fun Bits zine with a small group of friends. The first issue was predominantly an expression of female frustration, coming after the 2016 election and the MeToo movement. From the beginning, I coordinated collaboration between contributing artists, made plans and deadlines, and ensured deadlines were met. Since then, the group of regularly contributing artists has expanded, and the theme is chosen after an initial brainstorm.

Birth Control Quest – Copy and design by L Summerlin
FunBits at the Zine Collection at the Austin Public Library

Formatting Digital and Print

For each issue, I have created layouts for both digital and print versions. Zine co-founder Allison Summers manages the website and uploads the digital version there. Although I printed and bound the first three volumes myself (by hand), I now send the print-ready file to a professional printer who creates the zine booklets for me. The print versions are available to view in the Zine Collection at the downtown branch of the Austin Public Library.

Front & Back Cover Designs

Collaborative Work

Short Story Title Page – Story by Andrew Eaton; Design L Summerlin

Work Wife in a Cup – Copy by L Summerlin and Allison Summers; Design L Summerlin

Self-Care Cheesecake – Copy by Andrew Eaton; Illustration by L Summerlin

Individual Contributions

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